NGO Jobs and Your Degree


College is, apparently, the new high school. For most people, a bachelor’s degree means about as much now as a high school diploma used to mean 30 or 40 years ago, and is almost an expectation for employment.

For most non-profit careers, a college degree is a stepping stone from volunteerism to gainful employment; many NGO jobs have the same requirements as their for-profit counterparts, and an upper level degree program might mean the difference in getting ahead versus toiling in the mines. There are multiple advanced degrees that would be beneficial to someone seeking NGO employment as a second career, or looking to move upward in their current job.

  • MBA: Masters of Business Administration programs often come with a public sector focus. According to a study by Net Impact, about 40 business schools now offer a social-focused curriculum.
  • MPA: The Masters of Public Administration is aimed directly at applying business skills in a public sector in positions like grants and development, philanthropy, or community involvement.
  • MPP: A Masters of Public Policy is a great introduction to working for nonprofit careers that deal with government agencies as a policy analyst or government liaison.

If you’re looking at nonprofit careers as an option, it may be prudent to also look into getting an upper level degree, especially one like an MBA with applications in many fields.




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