Welcome to NGO Environmental. NGO Environmental focuses on the best and most innovative environmentally-based Non-Governmental Organizations fighting for a greener, cleaner planet. We recognize private organizations have been instrumental in preserving our parklands, cleaning up our waterways, and fighting for cleaner air. If it weren’t for major players such as the Sierra Club and the Audubon Society, America’s pristine nature would be in serious jeopardy. But the tasks environmental NGOs face is still demanding and seemingly endless, from protecting the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge to raising awareness of the encroaching horror of the Great Garbage Patch in the Pacific Ocean.

NGO Environmental is divided into six categories that touch upon the urgent issues of environmental activism and support. Environmental Activists and Environmental NGOs are a collection of profiles of the major figures and organizations of the environmental movement, and also includes the financial and organizational sponsors of environmental groups.  NGO Grants is an ongoing resource for environmentalists to find funding for their projects. Corporate NGO Philanthropy highlights what private companies are doing to help the environment, from funding environmental initiatives to building renewable and clean energy projects. Environmental Justice is our “good news” section, highlighting successes of the environmental movements and ongoing projects that are making progress cleaning up their part of the world. Finally, NGO Opportunities is focused on jobs, including profiles of environmentalists at work, and resources for people who wish to pursue a career in environmental activism.

NGO Environmental joins the proud ranks of environmentally based websites with its NGO focus. We must all stand together to keep our world clean for future generations. With this solidarity in mind, we highly encourage our readers to submit their stories and profiles with an environmental theme. Please contact us if you wish to promote your environmental NGO, or if you like us to report on your local clean-up efforts. We also want to hear from companies who are doing their part to promote a cleaner world. We only get one world…let’s protect it!




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